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Turn & Talk: An Evidence Based Practice (Teacher's Guide)

Turn and talk is an instructional routine in which students use content knowledge during a brief conversation with a peer. Students are provided with a short prompt to discuss content or a skill. Students turn to their predetermined partner and answer the prompt while their partner listens. Then, the partners switch roles to allow the second student to address the prompt. The turn-and-talk routine can be used across all content areas and at any grade level.

This guide explains the routine, and provides evidence of its effectiveness, sample lessons using the routine, and solutions to common challenges.

Source: The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk

Think-Pair-Share Activity & Video by Reading Rockets

How to use think-pair-share

  • Decide upon the text to be read and develop the set of questions or prompts that target key content concepts.
  • Describe the purpose of the strategy and provide guidelines for discussions.
  • Model the procedure to ensure that students understand how to use the strategy.
  • Monitor and support students as they work through the following:
    • : (Think) Teachers begin by asking a specific question about the text. Students “think” about what they know or have learned about the topic.
    • P : (Pair) Each student should be paired with another student or a small group.
    • S : (Share) Students share their thinking with their partner. Teachers expand the “share” into a whole-class discussion.

Source: Reading Rockets

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