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Posters are 24×36.

What are sound walls?

Sound walls display the articulation of speech sounds from a learner’s perspective, rather than a teacher’s perspective. Phonemes are matched to orthographic (written) patterns. When using sound walls, teachers should:

  • Explicitly teach the articulation of the 44 phonemes in the English language.
  • Build the sound wall as the phonemes are introduced. Start with common consonants and short vowels in Kindergarten.
  • Add mouth pictures to each sound to help learners visualize the position of their mouth as they pronounce each phoneme. Discuss with students the sound each grapheme (letter) makes. Provide students with mirrors so they can watch their own mouth move as they articulate sounds.
  • Repeat the activity to help students make connections and build memory in their brains.


Developed by Dr. Mary Dahlgren and Dr. Antonio Fierro, Tools4Reading provides a series of cards, charts and posters for educators to use in their phonics and phonological awareness instruction.

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